Recipe Change up – Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love to bake… I’ve always loved to bake.  But I don’t do it often since I also love to eat… a LOT!  I had made this recipe with regular flour for my family and for the high school youth group that I host on Wednesday’s and they were a HUGE hit… it makes a nice, soft, study cookie.  I made another huge batch of these this weekend for their mission trip meeting today – again another huge hit…. So I wanted to try to tweak the recipe for me (since I couldn’t even taste the batter which is really my favorite part).  I know the mouth feel of gluten free flour isn’t always the same – I started off trying the recipe with an almond flour blend… the texture was right on, but the taste… well, it tasted “floury” – and while good, not quite right.  So then I tried it with the Trader Joe’s gluten free flour blend.  Now I know some of you gluten free bakers are all about making your own flour blend based on what you are baking.  More power to you, but I just haven’t gotten into that yet… I try not to eat too much of this substitute stuff as I do feel better when I avoid it – but c’mon – a girls gotta have a good home made (and by that I mean – eat the raw cookie dough as we bake3) cookie.   So anyway – back to the cookie at hand… I used this recipe and quartered the batch (the original recipe makes a TON of cookies… great for a party – a church group – a meeting – but not great for a girl trying not to eat herself into a sugar induced coma) – I tweaked the recipe a bit since like I said before, what I find “off” about most gluten free recipes is the mouth feel… enter instant pudding… it really helps the mouth feel AND makes these a great sturdy, light, fluffy, cookie (and yes, the dough is the BOMB… and for purposes of CYA… do not eat raw or undercooked cookie dough – you do this at your own risk… as do I!)  so by quartering this recipe and holding back a smidge on the flour and adding a little more instant pudding… I ended up with one amazing chocolate chip cookie – even my hubby had to ask me if I’d handed him a gluten free cookie to try or the regular wheat flour cookie.. its that good!!!

So my fellow gluten avoiders… try it – you will NOT be sorry (and unless you want over 100 cookies on your hands…. or in your tummies) make a smaller batch – because they will be eaten… oh yes, they will be eaten..

Original Recipe from All Recipes… just use my tweak (oh… and I use Mexican vanilla… I haven’t been able to confirm its  gluten free, but I can tell you I have NEVER had a reaction to it… and I put it in most things I bake – but not fudge… it doesn’t work with fudge!)

If you need help cutting the recipe down just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help you out.  Oh… I also baked at 325 for about 15 minutes instead… of 350, I think gfree flour is happier at a wee lower temperature and by quartering the recipe I got about 2 dozen cookies after I was done tasting the batter and licking the beaters.

Happy Gfree baking! – excuse me while I go clean the chocolate off my face!


The Twisted Celiac’s Beginning….

I had “tummy trouble” most of my life… had my first upper GI series at the age of 10.  The Pediatrician diagnosed me with a “nervous stomach” and told my mom to send me back to school and not coddle me.  OK!  I would do fine for awhile and then be back in the bathroom with pain, diarrhea, bloating.  Then do fine again.  As I got older, the problems became more severe, but still sporadic.  More good days then bad days.  Experienced  a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, discovered I had endometrosis.  Was able to have 3 beautiful kids, then in mid-30’s had a hysterectomy due to severe adhesions and pain.  Things got better for a short time, but the pain and symptoms returned with a vengeance – more surgeries, medical intervention, medications, fibromyalgia diagnosis, then 3 years ago my good days pretty much vanished and everyday was a struggle, pain, bathroom issues, migraines, extreme illness.  Back and forth through so many doctors and zero answers until a friend recommend I see a GI specialist that she knew in another town.  What a blessing.  He suspected very quickly that I had Celiac disease (what?) and ordered testing and a biopsy.  Within 2 weeks I had a name for my pain and a treatment plan in place.  It is one of those “simple but not easy” things… I have never looked back, never intentionally ingested gluten since that day, and while I won’t say I’m 100% well (seriously who is!?), my life has improved beyond measure!  This is my story and my attempt to help others through this journey, never give up, and let you know that there is still hope!