All the “Twisted” facts….

It took me most of my life to get a proper diagnosis for my Celiac.   I find it a shame that US doctors don’t have Celiac and NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity) on their radar.  I especially worry for children that have this issue and suffer from growth issues, pain, lack of proper absorption that can affect them their entire lives.   It took me until I was 47 to get a proper diagnosis, even though my trips to the doctors office became so frequent that I became friends with my practitioner, I think I saw her more than I some saw of my friends!  I don’t blame her, she sent me to several GI specialist… each time I left with a diagnosis of irritable bowl, spastic colon, lactose intolerance, blaming it on adhesions from my endometriosis… the list goes on.  So thankful that I found a specialist (albeit 250 miles away) that suspected within 5 minutes what my issue was, ordered proper testing and a biopsy, and got me on my path to wellness.  For someone starting on this journey I recommend you find a doctor that listens to you and is proactive in your care, not someone that chases symptoms.  I recommend you read the G-free Diet book by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, it changed my life.  I had been doing gluten free on my own and had NO idea how many places it hides, and didn’t realize I was poisoning myself over and over again (Lipstick?  what the what???!!!  cross contaminations… its a thing!)  So get educated, advocate for yourself, your child, your spouse, whomever is suffering.  I haven’t made my home 100% gluten free, but I have made MY diet 100% gluten free.  I think that is a personal family decision.

Educate yourself… in the end it is up to you!…. let’s share this twisted journey together!


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